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Anxiety disorder: 4 Best Tips to Cure Stress


Emotional control is truly puissant especially when you are growing up. Emotions are pure energy and emotional breakdowns are a waste of vitality.


How to be free of anxiety

Anxiety is normal but excess stress creates disharmony.

When the emotions are carefully balanced and controlled, the emotional expression of internal feelings will become a healthy habit. In contrast, when feelings are repressed or twisted upside down under stress, then the feelings will explode into uncontrolled emotional outbursts to create anxiety, emotional disorder, panic attack, and stress.


What’s anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is the mind’s reaction to your body about the traumatic events, past, present, and future that can manifest itself as excessive stress, fear, worries, discomfort, pains, and panics in the body.

The good news is that anxiety can be manageable and cured if you are willing to learn the triggers and decide to take brilliant action and seek professional help when the situation gets out of your reach.


How to manage anxiety and stress

Stress relief activities and emotional control are the keys to anxiety management. Do you know why people suffer from anxiety? it’s because of too many worries and fears of the future and the feeling of guilt, sorrow, and melancholy about past events. These traumatic emotions can make you stuck in the past and send the signal of mood swings, pains, emotional disorders, stress, or sadness in your mind and body.

Speaking of the future and the past, it is clear that the way to freedom from anxiety is in the present moment. Do little things in the present, leave the future to the future, that moment will come. and you are going to face it anyhow.


Anxiety management

All strong emotions can cause biochemical changes in the blood, and these reactions can be highly toxic and harmful. Restraint is the ideal way to save you from anxiety attacks and depression, having a balanced mindset is the key to serenity. Abstention from the negative emotions of the past and the future that distract the mind and the natural harmony of the brain is the prime solution to stress relief. moderation and abstention are like a detox that paves the way to a healthy mind.


4 best tips to calm the mind and relief stress

An emotional excess forms an obstacle to success. Success is not only about being financially free but perfect health of the mind, body, and spirit. And worrying too much about the future or feeling sorry about your past can cause disharmony of the brain and therefore create mental disorders such as anxiety symptoms that we are talking about right now.

Apply these simple 4 health tips to relieve anxiety and open the gates of mental wellbeing:

1 Meditation: I am sure you have already heard about it or maybe you have tried some of them already. But they are thousands sort of meditations on market right now. I had tried a few when I was suffering from constant anxiety, yes they all calmed my mind in the short run but what works on the root of my problems to calm my mind and put it into perfect health is the transcendental meditation technique (TM).

This is the second time I mention this meditation on my blog because it is worth it, this is not just affiliate marketing, I am just sharing the light because I have been there and now I am free from anxiety despite the tough times. Be extra curious and heal your anxiety and relief stress here: Learn TM

2 Stress relief sound relaxation: Music is soul salvation. sound relaxation can calm and put the mind in a state of rest. And this can relieve stress that is causing disorders in the mind. you can find the music and sound for relaxation on YouTube free of charge.

3 Aroma scents: like lavender, citronella, and lemongrass essential oils on a diffuser or simply apply them straight on your face. the essential oil can have a good impact on your mental brain. Therefore, calming the hormones that cause stress.

4 Therapy or talk to someone you trust: sometimes a simple hug from a loved one can change the bad mood. talk to your loved ones if your anxiety doesn’t want to calm down despite all the above recommendations. Seek the guidance of a professional therapist to guide you and assist you on that matter. And always remember you are not alone. You need to heal the past present and future trauma for you to be completely freed from anxiety. Go deep to the root of trauma face it, and transcend them.


anxiety stress relief


I hope this article will help you find the solution you have been looking for long to heal your mental health condition. Anxiety is normal, it means you care. But when it is excessive it becomes a toxic addiction that disrupts the natural function of the mind and body.


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