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Breathing techniques: 5 Best Breath exercises 2023


A human being can survive without food, but it cannot survive without a breath. deep breaths help the respiratory system to stay healthy and live longer.


All breathing styles techniques

Breathing or the respiratory system has an impact on the balance of the bioelectric body just as the same as food has an impact on the biochemical in the living organs. You cannot live without the respiratory system. The benefit that air provides through breathing is of the utmost importance to longevity and health.


What is breathing?

To make it short and simple, breathing is the air that holds the ultimate essence of the nature of all lives. According to the Merriam website, deep breathing is the process of taking air into and expelling it into the lungs. This makes it even simpler to understand that air and energy form a bond between the body and the mind.


Proper breathing exercises

They are many types of breathing exercises such as pranayama, yoga breathing, and lung exercises. But there are two fundamental types of breath: cleansing and energizing breathing.

Cleansing breath detoxifies the stress in the body through the process of exhalation. Breathe out, don’t take life for granted.

Energizing breath collect and store active energy through the process of inhalation. Deep breath, life is not as serious as we perceive it.


How to do lung exercises for health and longevity

Follow the guide below:

Hold the breath down to the navel and let it collect together, let it expand and sink. as it sinks it grows quiet and solidifies vital organs. Drawn your attention inward, then upward, reach the crown of the head, and exhale. How do you feel?  does it feel good? this easy process holds the treasure of longevity and health. If you follow these exercises and do them every day you will prevent premature death, therefore living longer.

The navel is where water and fire meet, the place where yin and yang reside. the navel is the sea essence of energy, the path to life and death. When the energy at the navel is weak, the all system is weak.

The respiratory exercises enhance the body and supply active energy. This occurs spontaneously as a natural heartbeat.


What are the benefits of Breathing?

There are numerous benefits to what air exercises can offer to our body and mind. Cultivating respiratory control has an effective means on:

–  Promoting health and prolonging life

–  Regulate all vital organs including pulse

–  control blood pressure

–  stimulate hormone secretions

–  strengthen digestion metabolism

–  Assimilating and circulating vital energy

–  Purify the bloodstream

–  Purges tissues of toxins

–  Enhance resistance and immunity

If you wish to nurture your life, you should first start by correcting your respiratory system by practicing deep breathing exercises. these lung exercises are the gateway to longevity and can cure all illnesses.


 The best  exercise for the lungs

Have you heard of pranayama? these easy breathing exercises are the sole techniques for the respiratory system. In China, it’s called chee-gun and in India is known as pranayama. The practice is done through the nostrils, you may ask yourself a question why the nose? it is because the nose is the only organ in the entire system besides sensual organs and breasts that contains erectile tissue. have you heard of the word “honeymoon nose”? let not talk about it.

In the nose, erectile tissue controls the air passages’ angle, shape, and size by regulating airflow between the right and left nostrils. When airflow through the right nostril, the body is ready for action. And when the airflow through the left nostril, the body is prepared for passive, mental, and physical functions.

Pranayama performs the flow of the air between the left and right brain nostrils. This balance the energy channel linked to the left and right and right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Pranayama exercise:

– Posture: sitting or horse stance

–  Pranayama Technique:  empty your lungs, and take a deep breath in both nostrils. Place the right thumb firmly against the right nostril, and fold the index and middle fingers against the palm. close the left nostril with the fourth and little fingers, and hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds. then open the left nostril by releasing your finger from it and slowly exhale through the left nostril.


I hope that this article will help you breathe easily throughout life and assist your health and longevity.


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