Doing Exercises the right way: 6 Best Fitness activities


fitness is an easy way to nurture your health and well-being. And, here the keynote is flexibility and strength. Embracing physical activities throughout your lifetime will benefit your well-being. 

How mindful exercises could improve your health

If you can observe how flowing water never gets stagnant, you will understand the importance of being on the move. Natural physical activities are the core foundation of energy, essence, body, and breath. These four are inseparable, and indivisible in human life. 

It works this way, when the essence cannot flow, the energy becomes blocked. Therefore, causing your body and breath to not be in harmony. And this can manifest as pains in the body, muscle weakness, joint problems,  poor posture, or health problems.


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Move. Flow. Flex


Lifetime fitness exercises Principles

Physical movement nourishes your energy and essence. So, the principle of workout goes the same as any other principle of the universe. Balance and moderation are the key factors in wellness exercise

“To be hard and rigid is the way of death”

Your fitness exercise should be stretched and loosened. aerobic and relaxes the body.


Workout activities benefits

Workout activities enhance your health and here are some of the benefits:

– Workout is good for your cardiovascular system and oxygenates the bloodstream

– Physical activities are good for your heart, the main benefit here is that exercise use diaphragm as a force pump for circulation. the diaphragm helps the body to breathe more deeply. 

–  Physical movement is a prerequisite for healthy breathing control and energy circulation. 

–  Exercise tone your body and get you back in shape

–  Exercise can beat Chronic fatigue and boosts your stamina

– Other than that, exercise is good for your mental health, osteoporosis diseases, and back; lower pains.

  Best exercises

  1. Martial arts exercise: This soft style exercise offer great health benefit and support your nutritional, meditative, breathing lifestyle habits when practiced regularly. This exercise coordinates the body, breathing, and mind to complete the harmony of the spirit, essence, and energy. the essence, spirit, and energy are indivisible, therefore practicing martial arts will bring balance into your life.
  2. Warming up exercise: It’s crucial to warm up the body before starting any exercise. And Horse stance is the right exercise pose for that. This practice can be set up as an exercise in itself. Warming up might relax fatigued, cramped bodies and stimulate energy and blood circulation. 
  3.   Spine and torso twist exercise: When done correctly and rhythmically, this exercise can relieve nervous tension, open up vital energy channels, expand the lungs, and stretches the ribcage. this stretching exercise can be done many times a day. It can also be used as a preventive measure against congestion in the digestive tract, stiffness in the hips, and misalignment of the spinal vertebrae. spine torso twist is good, especially for people with a sedentary lifestyle.
  4. The Plow exercise: The plow is a yoga stretching exercise that aligns the vertebrae from the lower back to the neck. This yoga stretch activity does two jobs, it first stretches and aligns the spinal and stretch tones the muscles. This exercise is considered the best exercise among all of them. The plow is an awesome exercise for the development of a Neck lock.
  5. The cobra exercise: The cobra is also one of the yoga stretching poses to include in your fitness exercise. The cobra stretches the spine and neck, one of the health benefits of doing cobra exercise is that it will open up the throat, stretch the muscles, and tendons and energize the thyroid gland.
  6. Total relaxation exercise: This loosening exercise is for people who have a problem relaxing their bodies and minds. the total relaxation has two poses; the corpse posture and the head hang posture. The main purpose of this exercise is to induce total relaxation between the body and mind by allowing the muscles to unwind and relieve stress related to muscular tensions.

Martial art exercises



In summary, energy, blood, and nerves can only circulate freely when joints are flexible and loose. Stretching exercises concentrate on unifying and connecting the muscles while loosening exercises focus on the joints.

Fitness activities benefit not only the body but also your well-being. By regularly stretching and loosening the muscles in your body in a slow, soft rhythm you will cause your body to grow progressively and healthily.


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