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WELLNESS HEALTH: Best Therapeutic Effects of Food 2023


Eating rich nutrients foods and drinking enough water, and avoiding refined sugars, processed food, and consuming salt in moderation can help boost your overall health.


Wellness and Health  Benefits

Wellness and health? In this composition, we will aim at the goodness and order of food and its healing properties in the body. health and wellness are the way of life.

Health is a state of total well-being. To be and feel healthy, a person needs to have a balanced nutritional diet and do regular exercise. One must also live in a clean environment, have enough time to sleep, and have proper hygiene routines.

A healthy diet is essential for your mental and physical well-being. It protects you against many diseases, such as anemia, and diabetes, and it can even strengthen your immune system.


Your wellness alternative

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Wellness is vital


Omega3 is good for your heart health.

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A healthy diet is a diet where the four energies and five flavors of food are harmonized and balanced.

As you know, we cannot talk about health and wellness without talking about foods as they all go together.


The effects of a balanced diet

A well-balanced diet nurtures life. So, if the person doesn’t consume a balanced rich nutrient diet, the healthy vital organs will be out of harmony, and health issues and consequences will arise.

If you wish to be healthy, you must carefully avoid bad combinations.


health and wellness

Health food is essential for our body for several reasons. It provides us with the energy needed to work, exercise, and do day-to-day activities. It improves our mind so that we can think rights, assist our joints, bones, and muscles to be strong, repairs damaged body cells, and boosts our immunity against external harmful attacks.


The Basic Categories of Food

Food is energy. the basic categories of food are the four energies and five flavors of food. the four energies are cold, cool, hot, and warm. cool and cold foods have the energy of yin, they are calming the vital organs in the body. warm and hot foods contain yang energy, they are known to stimulate the vital organ in the body.  And the five flavors of foods are salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and pungent flavors.


The Five flavors and their affiliate organs

  1. Sweets: sweet flavor is good for the pancreas and stomach 
  2. Salty: salty flavor is linked with kidney and bladder
  3. Sour: sour flavor support liver and gallbladder health 
  4. Bitter: bitter flavor  assists the heart to move healthy and the  small intestine 
  5. Pungent: pungent affects the lungs and large intestine 

Now that you understand the five flavors in food and their affiliates organs, let’s see the therapeutic effects of the four energies and five flavors altogether

The therapeutic benefits of food energies 
  1. Sweet foods fight stagnant energy, aid blood circulation, nourish vital energy and harmonize the stomach. Dates and liquorice are examples of sweet diets 
  2. Salty food softens and masters tissues and facilitates bowel movement. kinds of seafood and seaweed are beneficial for health. 
  3. Sour foods solidify gut health and heal the colon. baobab dates, olives, and lemon are sour foods
  4. Cool or cold foods: calm the vital organs and combat hot diseases such as inflammation and hypertension. they are beneficial in summer. the example of cool cold foods are:  watermelon, white turnips, cabbage, squash, celery, and lettuce  
  5. Warm or hot foods generate heat in the body and combat cold diseases such as anemia, flu, and fatigue. they are beneficial in winter. meats, red beans, coffee, oats, peanuts, ginger, and  lentils are warm hot foods 
  6. Pungent foods neutralize and clear out accumulated toxins in the body. Turmeric, garlic, and herbs are pungent foods that you need to include in your diet.

Your health is your wealth and wealth is all about wellbeing. That’s why it is so important to avoid a diet combination that conflicts with wellbeing. And consume food in moderation. Note that, excessive consumption of anything creates a health imbalance. consume foods according to the season

 A healthy diet nurtures your soul and your whole being.


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