Health Care: 5 Life Path to Natural care Healing


This article will uplift you to always take care of your health, it’s our treasure that needs to be nurtured with caution and care.


Effortless life path to natural health care healing

Health care. Do you care about your health? if the answer is yes, keep the passion up. And if it is not, then it is time for you to take care of your physical and mental health.

Natural health care is a remedial alternative that brings on balance and provides a great energy reach in your lifestyle so that you can live a life disease-free.

Today, in this article, we are going to look, speak and bring awareness to the five paths to natural health care that we seldom ignore. But, if you make or use them as a part of your life routine you will see, and feel a tremendous difference between where you are now and where you are going.

I have been on this journey for more than ten years now, and I can tell you how blessed I am in terms of my health. I remember, one day I went to the hospital for a blood donation, after a full body exam test the doctor has to call me into his office to tell me that I am gracious because I got no health issues and that’s grace! I am not saying this to make you feel bad but I am sharing this story to encourage you.


5 Natural healing Remedies 

The five paths to natural health care are:

Herbs and Diet

Breathing and exercise



Sunlight or Heliotherapy

Let’s me tell you this; these are life treasures that we should all benefit from, it is easy, natural, and inexpensive ways to keep your health on top, and fight parasites and diseases naturally without even you acknowledging them because you have made them part of your routine and it becomes a lifestyle – a healthy lifestyle.

Health care benefits

To those who still don’t know, natural health care is a healthy way of healing your body and mind through natural methods like the ones we have just shared above. And the good news is we have most of the items such as herbs in our kitchen or gardens. Breathing and exercise are free, you just need to have a desire to start doing it.




Different types of natural care healing

Herbs as a natural way of healing

Herbal medicine therapy includes nutrition and diet most of the time is the oldest and most effective way of natural health care. This approach to life has evolved with time, thousands of years ago by empirical experiment observation.

Herbs are the most generous and effective ways to naturally fight and heal diseases. It provides us with the bioactive component in which when taken with care and patience your body can naturally heal itself. 

They are so many ways to include herbs into your lifestyle routines, one of the popular ways is to boil them in water, strain the broth and drink the liquid two times a day on an empty stomach. The other way around is to grind them in powder, add a little honey to taste, and ferment them then after the fermenting process you can chew on the herbs to extract the bioactive component from saliva secretion to your body system.


Breathing exercise as a way of natural healing

Healing through breath is crucial for chi (qi), the life force energy chi is a medicine. Qi or chi ( to some people is chee) is the life force energy that moves through you and everything. With correct slow rhythmic breathing exercises, your body can unblock the energy blockages, facilitate the chi flow within your body and mind, and cure diseases. You can realize this kind of healing art by simply sitting still doing nothing and practicing breath control to balance the energy within your body.

“Give your body a try and  thank me later”


Healing through breath control has a positive connotation to your health care. So, sit still and breathe deeply for an hour. Practicing breath exercise control every day is one of the best ways to prevent premature death, heal disease and open your heart to receive more from life.

Learning how to breathe with life is the game changer to your health care and longevity.



Acupuncture is one of the natural health care healing. This therapy works directly with the human energy system and it does wonders because this kind of healing treats your energy not your body. Energy is a treasure of life, when your energy is not flowing freely as it is meant to be you are prompted to be exposed to mental illness, heart disease, and body pains.

Energy is our treasure, therefore it needs to be nurtured the same way as you clean your physical body. Energy needs to be cleared and cleanse regularly to facilitate the smooth flow into our vital points or meridians and acupuncture is the best option you can include in your lifestyle. 

Acupuncture is the most important healing practice you can offer to yourself for the betterment of your mind, spirit, and body. energy is a vital aspect of life because it is the bridge between our spirit and essence.

Energy is a vital aspect of life because it is the bridge between our spirit and essence.”

Acupuncture helps balance the imbalanced energy by the use of needles. Fear not, the needles are painless and used as a conductor or an accelerator that allows the current to pass into your vital points and meridians. The healing effect of acupuncture is so effective to cure any disease.


Natural healing Massage  

Are you running out of cash? what about self-massage, you just need to press and rub. Acupressure is one of the best massage healing therapies that work deeply into your vital organs and stimulates energy flow into your body.

This type of healing practice can be done by anyone in the comfort of your home by simply pressing the vital points and rubbing them to unblock the energy stagnantly. The technique works like this: take the tip of your thumb, press deeply into your muscle, joint, nerve or vital points then rub hard for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the severity of the pain then release. Do you see how easy this practice is? so waste no time.

“Press and rub then release”


Health care


Note that, this practice requires time, there’s no shortcut to this healing. this requires you to work on the points daily for about 5 to 6 months to see absolute healing. But your vital energy will be balanced and stimulated along the journey of acupressure. Acupressure offers amazing health care benefits for your body.


Sunlight or heliotherapy healing spa

Heliotherapy has been medically approved as a phototherapy healing treatment. This method of healing requires the patient to be exposed to sunlight on a  naked body and eyes directly to sunlight to catch the vital solar energy.

This method is called “sunbeams”, the healing practice stimulates and benefits the brain, enhances mood, and cures a certain type of skin condition. This is one of the bright health care healing.

“Let there be light”

Remember that, the quality of sunlight directly entering your eyes is as important as the quality of healthy food with good nutrients entering your stomach and the quality of the fresh air entering your lungs. So, it is best to include this practice into your lifestyle routine as well, let the light penetrate through your eyes into your brain, and heal nervous illness.


Yes, it is possible to live the life of your dream free of pain, and mental blockages if you only decide to follow these five life paths to natural health care. I wish that this article motivates, and inspires you to take action toward your health. improve your life with better health through natural healing.


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