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How to Cure High blood Pressure: Improve your Health 2023


Loaded with fiber, vegetables and fruits are low in calories and contain a high amount of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Eating more fruits and vegetable is good for your health. Nothing can replace a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Many studies have assigned vegetables and fruits as anti-hypertension agents.


What causes high blood pressure

Before we jump into the remedies, I would like you to look at the factors that cause blood pressure so that you take a cautious decision to prevent the disease. As they say, prevention is better than a cure. By avoiding foods that trigger hypertension, your body will be free from blood pressure.

To stop high blood pressure you need to eliminate some foods from your diet or completely change your lifestyle. The factors that rise bloop pressure are: 

1. Excessive weight

  Being overweight is one of the major causes of blood pressure. Many people attribute hypertension to excessive intake of sodium, even though it might be true but it is not the number one factor that raises blood pressure. excessive weight is the prime cause and the only way to fix this is by losing weight.

2. Be mindful of Sodium intake

Anything in excess whether good or bad is harmful to your health. Sodium is a mineral that helps maintain the fluid balance in our body. but excess consumption can lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, restriction on salt when cooking is advised as this can curb hypertension.

3. Go easy with alcohol

Blood pressure raises on excessive consumption of alcohol, this can include wine, beer, and spirits. The heavier your consumption of alcohol, the higher your hypertension. the only way you can save your health and balance your blood pressure is by cutting off alcohol.

3. Moderate your caffeine

Caffeine is not a chronic agent that causes blood pressure. Instead, those suffering from mental stress such as anxiety should avoid excessive caffeine consumption, as this can cause heart palpitation. caffeine drives up blood pressure but doesn’t cause high-pressure disease, therefore precaution and moderation are better.


high blood pressure

4. Sweet the villain agent

Sugar can upset the metabolism of insulin by causing insulin resistance. And insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood pressure. The worst myth is that sugar and salt can boost blood pressure more than when consumed alone. So, a diet that is packed with sugar and salt is bad, Also, too much consumption of sugar can cause salt and water retention. 


Nutrient remedies for high blood pressure

When you eat to heal, you are systematically eliminating the disease from your body and supporting the health of your mind. There’s no magic when it comes to health, conscious healthy eating habits are the magic, therefore eat to heal.

Curing or preventing high blood pressure is easy. A natural diet that lower blood pressure is a diet full of fruits and vegetables because they contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to sustain itself.

Below, you will find the nutrients available that can assist you to fix your blood pressure.

1. Soluble Fiber

Fiber is a special compound, a carbohydrate that helps reduce blood glucose and cholesterol levels. As you might know by now that sugar can disrupt your metabolism, but high-fiber foods can fix your hypertension by regulating foods from the intestines and pressure down the blood.

2. Potassium lower pressure

Found mostly in vegetables and fruits, potassium is an essential mineral electrolyte that your body needs for maintenance. Potassium is a strong nutrient that remedies hypertension. By deliberately eating high-potassium food you can lower blood pressure. 

Potassium helps keep a high sodium diet food in check, by regulating blood plasma and balancing extracellular fluid. It also controls the heartbeat, Eating enough potassium can lower blood pressure.

3. Choose Calcium-rich foods

Found in the bones, calcium is the secret weapon against hypertension, especially for those who suffer from excessive sodium in their body. Some people’s blood pressure goes up when eating too much sodium and calcium act as water pills to help the kidney release sodium. Another benefit of calcium is that it prevents the release of parathyroid, a hormone that raises blood pressure.

4. Blood pressure down with vitamin C

Fruits and vegetables are very high in ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is a water-soluble that acts as a preventive remedy against high blood pressure. most of the study has shown evidence that high blood pressure and stroke are higher among people who consume less vitamin c rich food. Eat food rich in vitamin c to prevent hypertension.


A diet for high blood pressure

Foods are medicine. you can heal a lot of diseases just by eating right. found below is the diet prescription for blood pressure cure: 

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. that’s the first and foremost cure for hypertension.
  • Include Celery and more garlic in your food. Celery has an active agent that lower blood pressure.
  • Easy down with salt when cooking.
  • Eat fish, fatty fish oils reduce and depress blood pressure.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation. and avoid binge drinking
  • Avoid excessive caffeine if you are prone to high stress-or anxiety
  • Lose weight if you are overweight

Foods to avoid with high blood pressure

Some foods can just raise your blood pressure when eating them. Therefore, consuming these types of foods can lead to a raise in hypertension. And, these foods are:

  • High-sodium foods, such as processed food and excessive sugar.
  • Alcohol, more than two drink intake a day may raise your blood pressure.

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The secret to perfect health is not hidden in the mystery book. instead, it’s found in the lifestyle and activity you choose. If you eat right, your health will be in check and balanced. and, if you abuse and eat wrong your health will be compromised and your intelligence will turn against you to cause diseases such as high blood pressure.


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