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Aphrodisiac wellness: Easy Ways To Learn Everything 2022


Both men’s and women’s sensual pleasure essence is necessary battery storage for vital energy and a great source of immunity and resistance.


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Passionate easy ways to learn aphrodisiac

wellness and heartiness relations are fundaments in mortal life. The sole denial between love-making activities is between healthy and unhealthy habits.

“sensual pleasure is not a leisure or part-time activity, it’s a way of well-being.”


aphrodisiac wellness


The Basic Elements of the aphrodisiac 

The act of intimacy is the gift of love. And healthy intercourse is not just a formal practice but a preparation for lovemaking. There’s no such thing as a wrong or bad way of lovemaking, but only wrong attitudes make the art of love intercourse unhealthy.

There are 3 essential elements of intimacy wellness essence, and these are

  • Balance
  • Harmony and
  • Union of the opposites gender

To nurture his male powers, a man must nourish his male essence (yang) by consuming, engaging, and absorbing female essence (yin). When man and woman engage in healthy intercourse, they share their body fluids and breath each other, This brings balance and harmony to the spirits. This is like fire and water meeting in the perfect portions that neither one defeats the other, perfect symmetry.

Man and woman’s intimacy should flow naturally like the waves and ocean currents in harmony with the mound of Venus.

Good, devoted, and dedicated intercourse between man and woman nourishes and preserves the precious vital essence,  therefore curing ailments and promoting longevity. when intercourse is practiced according to the natural way of life, it becomes a source of energy.


The different essence between man and woman

Nature has made man active ( yang) and tense and woman passive (yin) docile and yielding to produce all the progenitors. The difference between a man and a woman is intense excitement. man essence is yang and the nature of yang is active, easy to arouse, and fast to retreat. While a woman’s essence is yin, the nature of yin is passive, slow to be aroused, and slow to be satiated.

Man and woman’s intimacy essence is important storage of battery for vital energy.


Back in the prehistory

In prehistory, the woman was portrayed as a guardian of intimate arcana and the supreme source of life-sustaining energy. a woman played the role of great intercourse initiator and the teacher of genital stimulator. And because of her feminine energy force woman was, and still is regarded as the possessor of great aphrodisiac power.


In the modern-day

The man took over the control of the family, society, village, economy, and religion. But he still found himself at the mercy of the woman in the bed. Nothing in this world can alter the natural essence of life. Nature knows best!

Sensual pleasure is an arrangement between man and woman. A man sacrifices adequate energy for short pleasure in return for long-term benefits of longevity, and health, while a woman enjoys intercourse pleasure in regards to her abundant supplies of life-prolonging essence and energy.


The art of bedroom ecstasy

The true pleasure of intercourse is within and it can only be achieved by harmonizing the yin and yang within yourself ( passive and active essence). Once your energy is balanced, you can attract an ideal partner to perform bedroom art.

In this article, We are going to speak about the five ways you can make your intimate intercourse the seventh heaven.


5 Ways to make the right moves during intercourse

1. Man must learn to observe and interpret a woman’s signs, senses, and vital signs and respond accordingly.

2. Man must remain alert and attentive

3. He should learn the road signs along the route to a woman’s sensual pleasure

4. He must slowly and respectively introduce the yang weapon at the jade door

5. As the performance progress, the man should welcome the woman’s various responses with a proper sort of trust.


Note that, the source of your pleasure is within yourself. I hope this article inspires you to trust yourself, your spontaneity, and your uniqueness in the realm of the erotic.


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