low self esteem and acne

Acne issues & 5 Signs of Low Self-esteem 2022


Having self-esteem is vital and it is your right to maintain and nurture your confidence because not everyone will be supportive on your journey, all you need is you.


Acne and low self-esteem 

Acne can lower your standard if you lack self-confidence. Low self-esteem is an issue that a lot of people, substantially adolescents are dealing with in society. But the question is why does acne affect self-esteem?


Low self-esteem and acne how to break free

There are two ways to break out of low self-esteem and acne to boost your self-confidence despite the scars or insecurity causing the low self-esteem in your personality.

1 Personal growth mindset: Ask yourself questions about the techniques you have tried before that didn’t work. and tell yourself this time I am going to do what I need to do to be a new person. if you do so, you are already into the mindset of a self-development journey where all the answers are going to be found within yourself.

2 Found the source of resistance and insecurity: To free yourself from low self-esteem and acne is to go deep into the root of the situation or problem, this might require you to work on yourself both internally and externally.


low self esteem and acne


Healing begins within, and the solution is not found outside yourself. any external ailments you can experience have as root within. find out the cause of low self-esteem and acne insecurity and dealt with it accordingly. There are different types of pimples finding out the type of acne scars is the greatest step toward healing the breakout. to give an idea, some acne is due to stress, sugar level, hormone imbalances, pigmentation, or fungal acne.


How to deal with the low self-esteem 

You going to have to learn to love yourself first before anyone else does. when you ask yourself the question how do I love myself you will instantaneously find the answers to how you can treat the acne causing you to lower your self-esteem. anyway, why does acne lower your self-esteem? it doesn’t need to be that way, try to understand your condition, name it, and allow yourself to be while you taking treatment. Love is a great treasure use it for yourself first to attract the ideal persons you want to attract.


How to improve your low self-esteem 

Apply these secret techniques to fall in love with yourself regarding low self-esteem and acne insecurity or any other insecurity you might be facing right now.

1 Accept the truth about yourself:  it does not need to be positive always, remember a battery needs both negative and positive signs to give the electric current. This is the same in human life, to accept the fact that your imperfection and perfection make you authentic is a high way to your self-esteem.

2 Boost your self-confidence:  there is no such thing as perfection. don’t stress you will never reach it. To boost your confidence you must accept your uniqueness and play with that like a butterfly. Treat the scars that are lowering your esteem as a visitor that comes to remind you that something within you is not working and you need to take care.

3 Change your old patterns: Refuse to give in to old patterns of failures. by concentrating on healing, you will eliminate the effect of pimples causing low self-esteem. low self-esteem is a symbol of unhealed behavior and feelings, you need to get them out to open the door to higher self-esteem which is confidence.

Fear nothing, most of the time we fear because we don’t want to experience the tension and discomfort experience, we want to hold back to the old pattern because they become habits. Remember that you are not alone to experience the insecurity of low self-esteem, they are thousands of people going through the same issues as you and offering yourself healthcare. focus on healing within and without, and live your life as you want to be without the fear that people will look at your insecurity. Don’t judge yourself for a temporary condition.


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