Mental Health Awareness : 5 Best keys to wellbeing


Do not delay your healing for the sake of being strong. Do not hold your emotions and feeling for the fear of being judged. Express your feelings as they come, the world is dual.


Overcoming Mental health disorders

Mental health is a state of absolute well-being that assists the human body and mind to function in harmony.  But, when the person is out of alignment mental health will become an issue then we call it mental health disorder or simply mental illness.


What’s a mental health disorder?

mental health disorder is a mental illness that affects the mind and behavioral patterns and the functionality of the body.

They are so many types of mental illness disorders that affect children, adults, youth, women, and men today such as:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • addiction
  • stress
  • bipolar
  • PTSD disorder etc.

In this article, we are going to focus on mental health awareness and on how you can overcome them. yes, it’s possible if you can pinpoint your awareness of the triggers from the beginning.

Before going any further, I would suggest you consult your psychologist or therapist if you have noticed early signs like chronic stress, excessive worries, fears or lack of concentration, difficult thinking, sadness, and grieving feelings.


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Mental health awareness

Being aware of yourself and your surrounding is so important that’s why we need to develop our intuition. intuition is the GPS of your soul guiding you to your destiny. if you listen to it you will stay on the right road, therefore, you stay healthy.


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How to develop your intuition

It is so important to stay connected to yourself. Taking time to listen to your inner listening to your inner self helps you know your next step faster. your inner-self which your soul is capable of assisting you to realize what is needed for you to be in a better position and help to evade emotional damages in life.

Most of the time, your intuition can speak to you through voices. that’s your guide. People whose intuition is not developed enough or those who haven’t mastered the art of listening might be out of harmony and become mentally ill.


The art of listening to your voices

Voices are not just random sounds but are always present to communicate something. I want to know this, there’s a voice inside you that acts as your superpower, it is your consciousness, know it, embrace it.

Hearing voices has been a subject of mental health disorders. But not in all cases, do some voices come to communicate helpful messages to the listener. that is why it is important to listen, fear not. the inner voices never lie so you need an environment that will allow you to listen clearly, an environment where the truth prevails and that’s your soul


How to overcome mental health issues

To overcome mental health disorders you should note this guide :

  1. Identify your feeling: identifying the feeling you are experiencing might help you know what step next to take.
  2. Focus on small things: the small things such as walking barefoot on the beach, breathing fresh new air, eyes closed in the forest, or simply cooking your favorite meal matter.
  3. Try mindfulness practice: with some practices like meditation, yoga, or simply listen to the voice within without giving meaning to it.
  4. Focus your intention on the moment: you can attend a balanced mind when you focus on what is happening at the moment instead of the future or past.
  5. You need to accept the guidance that you need help: sometimes, it can all go wrong and all the above techniques won’t help then at this point you need to speak to someone you trust for help or seek counseling do not be shy to open up if the situation gets out of your control, it can happen, it and is normal to seek help!


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Mental well-being is vital and primordial. mind the awareness of your triggers, the things that activate your mental negative emotions, or the problem that put you in a spark of emotional rot should be addressed at the moment.

 It is okay to be stressed, it is okay to feel anxious, and it is okay to grieve but what’s not okay is to stay in that state of suffering.


I hope this article will enlighten you to seek the necessary help regarding your mental health.


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