nurture and purify

Nurture and Purify: Natural ways to wellbeing 2023

Well-being is a state of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. It is your wealth. So, nurture life because it is the absolute way to healthy living.

The Natural ways to nurture and purify life

Nurturing and purifying life, in general, should be the way of daily human life. Fortunately, our ancestors practiced moderation in the way they eat, and consumed substances and they lived long lives. Brief, they natured life.


Nurture meaning

The clear way to nurture and purify life is by becoming a conscious human being. You might ask yourself a question how do I become a conscious human being, But don’t worry soon in this post you will get reliable ways to make yourself an elegant spirit.


 Factors that destroy the nature of human life

The popular phrase that says we create the quality of our health and life is real. This is simply proof that the beginning of everything starts inward and our emotions and thoughts manifest throughout our physical body. If our inner process can affect our physical form, it’s genius to create a healthy environment where nature influences consciousness. And by purifying your internal space, your external environment will look healthier.


Nurture and purify your environment

Those who are aware understand that they are responsible for creating a healthy life to avoid illness and the pollution of the mind, breath, and body.

The factors that destroy human nature are the lack of nurturing and purification. And this can range from the weather, geography, ecology, and the human as a whole.

When the body, breath, and mind are not purified, the physical and spiritual forms become polluted. Therefore, creating mental and physical illness.

To avoid this catastrophe, we as humans need to become elegant spirits. This simply means becoming aware of our physical and spiritual environment. To nurture and purify life is an act of taking responsibility. Nurture by nature.


Self-pollution and purification ceremony

By reducing pollution, the increase of renewable energy will purify the body, mind, and breath.

Self-pollution comes from a lack of respect for your mind and nature. luckily, they are reliable people, motivated have the discipline to take their lives and bodies into their hands, and take responsibility for their health and longevity by reducing and moderating the way they eat, drink, and treat their environment.

This system is approved and called self-cultivation. To be an elegant spirit, you must be aware of your mind and aware of your surroundings.


The essential principles that combat self-pollution

They are 3 main disciplines that combat self-pollution, and these are:

–  Rejuvenation

–  Personal hygiene

–  Self-purification

Be mindful about what you consume, and think. This doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs a conscious mind or your awareness. Become an elegant spirit by reducing the effect of environmental poison that causes premature death. Remember, death is not only physical. When you are not conscious of yourself, that’s death.



A good charity begins at home. Nurturing and purification are important for human health and longevity.  self-purification is important for human cleansing. because from the moment we are born, we begin to accumulate the poison we have found on earth, that’s why a regular regimen of cleansing simply helps to stay away from the process of pollution.

Self-purification should be done by yourself. To start self-purification, you have first to learn how to reintegrate yourself with nature. If you make friends with your body and learn how to re-establish your primordial unity with nature; the essence, energy, and spirit then the process of self-purification will be beneficial. first, you must develop a healthy respect for your body before you embark on the journey of self-purification.


nurture and purify


How to be an elegant spirit

Without the basics of self-respect, it is difficult to master the motivation of self-discipline to nurture and purify life. to become an elegant spirit you need to accept that you play an important role in the collective consciousness, so you should create a healthy reality. And the first step in the process of creating a healthy environment for the body mind and breath is a shift in consciousness. So choose the path of awareness.

Safety regimen for an elegant spirit

The foremost option to become an elegant spirit is to learn to live consciously. the person who is spirit is elegant is unmistakable, he or she radiates origin and authenticity. people feel safe approaching this person because his energy communicates safety by the way he or she naturally nurtures life.

Secondly, an elegant spirit act and honors the power of living through love, kindness, wisdom, and compassion.


In this article, we have talked about the natural ways to live according to nature to avoid illness due to pollution of the body-mind, and breath. We have in-depth developed two different approaches which are self-pollution and self-purification principles and disciplines. And we hope that this will help you become an elegant spirit, which simply means being aware of your actions because positive ones can nurture and purify your environment.


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