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Best way to consume Protein: 5 Diets Facts you should know


I’ve been seeing these common muscle gain mistakes all over the internet. As a holistic nutritionist advisor, I was constantly compelled to write about this subject so that others could be inspired or definitively correct the misconceptions that I will highlight.


What is the best source of protein?

The 20 amino acids that aid muscle growth is like building blocks that come together to create all different kinds of amino acids. In a nutshell, when you eat proteins, your body converts them into amino acids.

There are nine essential amino acids that you must obtain from your diet to maintain a healthy body, and eleven nonessential amino acids that your body can produce on its own; you do not need to obtain them from your food.

Now that you’ve learned how proteins generate amino acids, let’s look at the various types of muscle gain.


Best types of protein


  1. Total proteins: Complete or total proteins are muscle gain products that contain all amino acids. These are high-quality good muscle-gain foods that can be found in animal products like eggs, chicken, meat, liver, cheese, milk, yogurt
  2. Incomplete proteins: These types of proteins are deficient in nine essential amino acids. Plant-based sources of muscle mass gain such as greens, lentils, rice, and so forth are incomplete proteins. Except for tofu, soya, and quinoa are the only plant-based foods that contain complete essential amino acids.
  3. Complementary proteins: These are a combination of two or more muscle-gain sources of food that, when combined, provide an adequate amount of amino acids.


Protein diets facts

This is an important point to remember when it comes to muscle gain food.

  • Eating more proteins will not result in more muscle gain, it either builds muscle growth or burn fats. Muscle mass product consumption should be personalized to your lifestyle.
  •  You don’t have to combine specific plant-based sources to ensure that the meal contains enough muscle gain foods; for example, you can’t have tofu and quinoa in the same meal.
  •  Although two different complete proteins cannot be combined in a single meal, they can be eaten separately. Eggs and chicken, beef and fish, and chicken and beef, for example, cannot be combined in a single meal. Because these are muscle gain food, do not consume them at the same time.
  • If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, limit your muscle gain foods intake.
  • If you have an active, light, moderate, very active, or extra active lifestyle fitness, you should increase your muscle gain food consumption.

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  How to optimize muscle growth

Your body is smart enough to adjust your digestion. It is not the number of meals consumed per day that is important, but rather the total amount of calories consumed in any given 24 hours. Below are guidelines for your muscle mass based on your lifestyle activities.

  1. A sedentary lifestyle should consume 0.08 g/kg body weight.
  2. An active lifestyle requires 1.2-2 g/kg body weight.
  3. Extra active individuals should consume 1.4-2 g/kg body weight.

Note: People with a low to moderate level of physical activity should consume 1.2-1.4 g/kg of body weight, while those with a high level of physical activity should consume 1.5-2 g/kg.


 The most rich food

As you are aware, your muscle mass consumption should be determined by your lifestyle activities. so, let’s look at the examples of high proteins you should consume whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater.

Tofu, quinoa, and organic soy products contain 20 amino acids that your body requires to build healthy muscles.
Non-vegetarians should eat chicken breast, beef, poultry, and organ meats such as livers, eggs, fish, and dairy products for muscle mass gain.


Function of proteins

They aid in muscle development and body maintenance. it transports hormones, vitamins, minerals, and acids to your muscles, allowing them to function properly. If you eat your food properly, as stated above, you will gain healthy muscles that will make your body appear even healthier. If you consume them incorrectly, you will be disappointed because you will either lose fat, whether it is good fat or gain unnecessary muscle.
Keep in mind that one good protein at a time.


5 Diets myths you need to know 


  1. Don’t beat yourself up if your diet fails. You must change your way of life.
  2. A high protein diet does not cause kidney problems; rather, it causes you to gain extra muscle or lose even good fat.
  3. Supplements are beneficial, but they cannot replace well-balanced meals.
  4. York eggs are nutritious. When you eat a whole egg, you raise your HDL cholesterol, which is good cholesterol.
  5. A small meal a day will not increase your metabolism.


I hope this article helps you on your health journey and improves the way you consume proteins. If you would like to receive updates, please sign up for our news letter.


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